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David Arkenstone — Forest Runners
Album: Citizen of the World
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Total ratings: 35

Released: 1999
Length: 5:48
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What does the hell that do with RP ?
E Z Listening... zzzzzz
kerr wrote:
Anyone from the UK remember the Fingerbobs? ;-)
Fingermouse, Fingermouse/I am a sort of wondermouse A hit, a miss, A blundermouse/Fingermouse, that's me I am a mouse called Fingermouse/A mouse with guts and nerve I get past cats so easily/with my famous body swerve Its all flooding back. In those days you could have a show where the cast was made out of paper.
Stunningly beautiful song.
Charming, light song--a beautiful day in the woods. Like Velvet Green, anyone? But without the sex.
Anyone from the UK remember the Fingerbobs? ;-)