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Peter Gabriel — Shock den Affen
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Ja, ist die englische Version besser, aber mindestens diese ist unterschiedlich. Ich mag nicht die gleiche Sache Ìber und Ìber hören! (Entschuldigen Sie bitte meine schlechte deutsche Sprache.) More alternate versions of songs! Playing the same old thing ad infinitum is BORING.
I like some Peter Gabriel, but god, this one sucks.
I found this interesting website where people talk about what PG's lyrics mean to them and their interepretation of his lyrics as well.
Cool - I haven\'t heard this in a looooonnnng time. You could play a few of the other German PGs, too.
This is simply awful
Originally Posted by wxman1978: Gabriel is better than collins even in German
Indeed. Phil sucks.
I'm from Germany but I don't understand a single word. Bowie definitely speaks better German. "Schock... Schock... Das tut dem Affen weh..." shock, shock, that hurts the monkey? Oh boy... what's he singing?!
Shock Ben Affleck? He's not that bad...
Big fan of PG, but this one is so-so. If you have to play PG singing german, I like "here comes the flood" better.
Reminds me of Mike Myers and Sprockets. "Und now it is ze time zat ve touch ze monkey!"
Got half way through this and never knew I understood German.
Brits shouldn't speak freaky-deaky deutsches
This song is great in German or English, but I am grateful to the german version for allowing me to figure out what a German woman was trying to tell me in the african bush.
It\'s still Peter so it\'s still good!
Always thought this was kind of cool that he did this album, but he really should have taken the same amount of time to layer the vocals... For example, where are the "Monkeeeeeeee, AHHHH!" parts in the bridge parts?