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The Smashing Pumpkins — Here's To The Atom Bomb
Album: Judas O (Rotten Apples disc 2)
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Total ratings: 45

Released: 2001
Length: 4:22
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Away to the side you move your head
Gravity fingers dig in your back
The strangest man won't let you breathe
Rocking on you in a movie scene

His words fill your mouth
His guests bleed sick
Devoid of touch
He lets out to the streets where you were raised
Sittin' home waiting for the coming age
You had to wait your turn
You had to wait your turn

Wake up early, wash up late
Satellites connect you to your hate
Your patience grows but your skin is thin
The pager signals they're coming in
Through the hole in the wall
You left the hole in the wall

Here's to the atom bomb
May everyone find a way to get on

A little piece of heaven is all you seek
In the same old re-run week after week
Their faces make you want to kill
The little piece of heaven singin' on the windowsill

No lights can turn you on
Pixelate the night
Reading the words
Of your eyes on the streets where you were born
Sittin' home waiting for the coming dawn
Near the hole in the wall
You left a hole in the wall
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Do you think our friends at RP will read this string of comments, check the rating (3.7 as of this writing), and maybe pull this tune in favor of some better Pumpkins, or better songs about atom bombs?
Awful painful droning. Better Pumpkins please. Thanks!
dot once saw the pumpkins in an airline hanger. 13 yr olds throwing up everywhere. dot.
please play more pumkins songs from machina and siamese dream, this song sucks
Originally Posted by VBKashmir: Bob Dylan had no range, and he was a vocal genius. Sometimes its more about the lyrics and the emotion behind a song then how it's sung.
Amen. To me, it's not about the technical skills or even ability sometimes. It's about character. And the Pumpkins always had a lot of it.
I like the Smashing Pumpkins, but I\'ve got to agree - the song drones and musically it\'s pretty boring. I give it a 2.
It\'s like being serenaded by a demon from hell. I\'d rather hear fingernail scratches on a chalkboard.
...Like when the dentist begins a root canal before the novacaine has quite taken.
This song is pure garbage.
This \"song\" (if you give it that much credit) is total piece of S***!!! The first time I have turned off RadioParadise until a song was over. Burn It!!!
Annoying vocals with no range whatsoever. YUCK.