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Steve Reid — Dream Scapes
Album: Dream Scapes
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Total ratings: 148

Released: 2001
Length: 6:31
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 Leslie wrote:
Very nice "new age" stuff. I like it alot. Very nice guitar work in this song.
I think this is the 2nd time I got this piece on PSD.  Very likeable to my ears.
How come all the other comments are from 15 year ago or later?
hard to work out why this is still in the playlist with all the negative comments....to which I will add - this is painfully contrived new-age claptrap
Must be a fan of Zamfir.
Originally Posted by Shimmer: Mindless guitar wanking.
Very well put! :D
Mindless guitar wanking.
Oy Vey!
Oh my gosh, Dentist office music! :frustrated: This is a dream I want to ESCAPE!
Originally Posted by Tribs: Sounds like Yanni's been watching too much Miami Vice.
Perfectly expressed. LOL
Originally Posted by noecastle: prefer RP to avoid new age -- it's just another form of musac
Very well said.
prefer RP to avoid new age -- it\'s just another form of musac
Definitely makes the completion of Icky Homework more enjoyable/possible. I rawther likes this. :)
Dreamy... :D
A little slow to build, but otherwise enjoyable as ambiance. Not something I\'d want to focus on, as it seems too... scattered... for my tastes. I got a flashback to Brian May\'s work in Innuendo listening to this. Must go find my CD.
definitely a bit on the cheesy side of things, but the guitarwork is very cool nonetheless. I like it despite the fact that I feel like I am tuned into an easy listening station. :??:
First time I\'ve heard this- It\'s beautiful :D
Urgh, new age just makes me aggressive! It\'s like those bland, soft light covers on Jehovas Witnesses magazines - makes want to blaspheme. :p
Bland, especially on the heels of Kate Bush
Perhaps we're feeling a bit too eclectic today here on Radio Paradise? ;) Sounds like the stuff you hear waiting in the lobby of your dentists' office.
Sounds like David Gilmour dropped in on an Enigma Session. :p
Sluggish - belongs on a light jazz station.
Nice strat/telecaster work here. I love it!
very nice, a complex set of sounds, but a simple melody. added to my cdnow wishlist
Take me away! Very Nice.
Wow, what a sweet song!
Mhhh.... nice and soothing!!! Sit back, relax and dream away...
like it.
I\'d have used a little coarser distortion, maybe like the second guitar on Zappa\'s \"Watermelon in Easter Hay\", if I had been on the other side of the glass. But I wasn\'t.
Make it stop! Make it stop!!!
Sounds like Yanni\'s been watching too much Miami Vice.
Very nice \"new age\" stuff. I like it alot. Very nice guitar work in this song.