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Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble — Little Wing / Third Stone From the Sun (live)
Album: Soul to Soul
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Length: 13:27
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To me 8 - Most Excellent  
SRV doing justice to Hendrix's awesome sound, this is FANTASTIC   (niiiiice and drawn out : )
 master_betty wrote:
Masterpiece. Even way better than the original.
I would second that if only because the original is far too brief. Now, imagine if Jimi had released a 5 minute version?
Now there is someone whose heart is really after Jimi Hendrix
Awesome Artist   (psd'd away from American Pie and much enjoy having this jam on Christmas Eve : )
Probably one of the greatest covers I have ever heard - up there with Jimi's All Along the Watchtower
Masterpiece. Even way better than the original.