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Miles Davis — Flamenco Sketches
Album: Kind Of Blue
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Total ratings: 296

Released: 1959
Length: 9:21
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Immediately soothes the soul....
Everybody quick, drop whatever it is you're doing!
Or basically: just shut up and listen  ;-)

ps.: middle of a silly May-storm over here, but my nerves are more than soothed 
I have a Japanese pressing. My most cherished vinyl (of many). Sublime.
When Miles comes in with that sultry trumpet, the best!  
oh my.

greatest jazz album ever

coltrane is magnificent, so is cannonball 

RP should play each  album side 
Here we are another 2 years later!  This is just mindboggingly beautiful!{#Clap}{#Clap}{#Clap}
It's a pity that it has never been played...

Edit: Aug 23, 2000. But 15 years later it deserves to be played again.