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Moby — Very
Album: Hotel
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Total ratings: 108

Released: 2005
Length: 3:38
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Wow back from oblivion.... first play in seven years - how's about that then for a long rotation!
At first, I thought this was a cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" which, on the whole, isn't such a bad thing.
Sorry, but I don't care for this at all, nor any Moby I've heard. When I first got into electronica, I always got excited when Moby was about to beplayed (like, during a commercial for an MTV show). The more I listen, the more my reaction remains: (shrug)
Dianyla wrote:
Sounds like the singer from Goldfrapp?
That was my first reaction, too. Can anyone answer the question? I don't think it's as bad as the rating suggests. Not that that's saying much.
Damn. Must've missed this. Been listening all morning, and it must NOT have sounded like Moby, or I'd have been turnin' it up. Blondie? Huh?
I'm liking this..... :clap: I will be buying this asap.
It DOES sound like Blondie...sorta. Well, I don't care what anybody says -- I like it! :music:
I like moby but this is nothing put a pain for my ears. Horrible annoying voice.. A pity that this gets airplay while so many great songs on the LRC will never get added to the main playlist.
This is like... Blondie... :-s H'm.
Sounds like the singer from Goldfrapp?
Bill's playing this almost a month ahead of its release. That's pretty cool.
I could not pick this Moby out in a line up that's for sure.
Jeez! Moby sure has a high voice! I wonder if someone kicked him in the $%#! when he was younger? Just kidding.
Is this really moby? I am disappointed.
Who is that singing? :butt: :whip: