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Led Zeppelin — Since I've Been Loving You
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This has been my favorite Led Zeppelin song since i bought LZ III back in the early 1980s. This version rocks but I'll always love the amazing production and clarity of the studio version.
Update: there's an "alternate" version of this song that was released with the latest LZ III re-re-re-remaster and rerelease 
The album art appears to be on the wrong track....
and only 3 comments on a Led Zep song?

It seems that the radio has been a bit distracted .......

I am currently obsessed with this song. I've got the BBC Sessions version and the Remasters version. I just can't get over the intense emotion of the song, especially in the BBC Sessions version. I've been trying to just listen to Bonham because his playing in this song is purely inspirational. The timing of everything is freakin perfect. That said it also almost brings me to tears how pure the vocals and guitar playing come across. Simply amazing. The Remasters version allows you to single out Bonham a little more. The BBC Sessions version is just ridiculous as far as the vocals and guitar playing go. It's impossible to listen to and not be awestruck with how well Paige and Plant perform in that version. For anyone who thinks Led Zepplin is fluff you really should listen to this song and you will be changed forever. If not you're completely hopeless and should go listen to pop music somewhere all by yourself.. Seriously, if you've never heard the BBC Sessions version of this song you should go right now and check it out. It's that incredible. PS to you other 2 guys - you know what I'm talkin about, this song is a thing of absolute beauty. :guitarist: :drummer: :yell:
Tizmself wrote:
By far the best live Led Zeppelin song ever recorded. Shows them at their most intense best.
Im glad someone agrees, this tune is INCREDIBLE!
By far the best live Led Zeppelin song ever recorded. Shows them at their most intense best.