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Madredeus — As ilhas dos Açores
Album: Existir
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Released: 1990
Length: 5:03
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Ignoring this song in playlist it is proven that "the best is the enemy of the good", and that not everything is perfect in the kingdom of rp ......

Francisco Ribeiro  (by Susana Pereira)

"Currently Francisco Ribeiro is releasing his solo project - «DESIDERATA - A Junção do Bem» - it consists in 11 themes of Portuguese new music for small orchestra and different chamber ensembles, with roots on Portuguese traditional modes, gipsy/moçarabe chant, Coimbra’s fado and with spiritual minimalism/ film music influence.
The ‘songs/themes’ evoke some of the different types of love and the emotions that go with it: memory/longing, obsession, joy, rejection, loss, desperation, lust, togetherness, totality, forgiveness. The listener is invited on a journey and it can relate to the Classical theme of the hero that goes to the underworld to overcome victorious in the end. There is an underlying idea of a trip from darkness into the light, being love the main theme. The lyrics appeal for ‘Longing’ (Saudade) as projections into the future of the good times spent in the past, yet one is living them in the present: this theme is still the principal theme of Portuguese poetry and Portuguese literature. Words like, fate, longing, error, mystery are mentioned, as well as the animistic imagery that is present in the Portuguese vocabulary.

Thank you Francisco for bringing us such a  beautiful sound, full of creativity, which conjugates the beauty of the classical sounds with modern textures without stylistic limitations. It envelops us with beautiful harmonies. "

Os Madredeus en Caracas 1 by ~blasgo3
©2006-2010 ~blasgo3

Aula Magna UCV. 8 de octubre 2006

Fernando Judice
Jose Peixoto
Teresa Salgueiro
Pedro Ayres Magalhaes
Carlos María Trindade


November 26, 2009 - Showcase the new draft Francisco Ribeiro, named "Desiderata - The Junction Well", and the announced participation of Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and Natalia Casanova (Diva), among others.


One of the founders of the group Madredeus, Francisco Ribeiro, professional cellist, composer and songwriter , 45 y. old, died at 2010 September 14th due to cancer. R.I.P.He had released in 2009 his first solo work called "Desiderata: A Junção do Bem"("Desiderata: The Junction Well")

A founding member of Madredeus, participated as an instrumentalist and composer in the album "Os Dias da Madredeus", "Existir," "The Spirit of Peace" and "Still" and lived the period of greatest splendor of the group when he said he did not name only as the core of Portuguese music, but also highlighted on the international stage. It was his period of "rock'n'roll and a lot of euphoria," recalled in December last year. Leave the authors of "Pastor" to restart and complete in Bath, England, academic studies of music that the intense activity of the group interrupted.

Already back to Portugal, he recorded "Desiderata: The Junction Well" with the Porto National Orchestra, conducted by Sir Mark Stephenson. The album, which cooperated in the singers Filipa Pais, Tanya Tagaq and Natalia Casanova, the singer José Perdigão and guitarist Jose Peixoto (also a former of group Madredeus), was seen by its author as a tour with an interior point in common to all the songs, "Love," "the universal language."

"Desiderata" was the motto poem with the same title American Max Ehrmann. His first poems appeared, moreover, highlighted on the CD: "Go placidly amid the noise and confusion, remembering what peace there in silence."


haja o que houver, eu estou aqui  by margaridaperola
Margarida Martins

Copyright All rights reserved

Madredeus - Haja o que Houver,  Live (2006)

Whatever happens
I'm here
Whatever happens
hope for you
Back in the wind
My love
back soon
How long
have forgotten
Because I
Far be it from
Each time
and worse
Back in the wind
I know, I know
Who are you to me
Whatever happens
hope for you

Madredeus - "Guitarra" Lisbon Story Soundtrack

when a guitar sings
in the hands of a good player
teaches guitar to own
singing whoever

I want my coffin
has a bizarre way
the shape of a heart
the shape of a guitar

guitar, guitar baby
I come to you crying
feel softer life
when you cry with me

Madredeus - "Céu da Mouraria" (Wim Wenders)

"Céu da Mouraria: lyrics and music by Pedro Ayres de Magalhães; voice Tereza Salgueiro. The film "Lisbon Story" - written and Directed by Wim Wenders"

When waking Lisbon
Sleep is older than yours,
I will be me singing,
I have a message of my own.
Sky Mouraria ... hears
Go get the new day!
And the sun of morning all,
Mist of a people to dream,
Your mysteries, Lisbon
Are doves that there is still ...

Madredeus & Flamish Radio Orchestra  - "Não Muito Distante" Live

"Angel's voice. One of my favorite songs. Saludidad to Portugal from Serbia. I simply adore your music, and I don't understand a word...music is phenomenal"

"Sí, fijate a mi parecer, debería considerarse música clásica no sólo la música orquestal que casi siempre es designada como clásica por las elites mundiales. Sino también toda aquella música popular, tradicional, étnica de diversas culturas del planeta tierra que son y han sido consideradas como piezas musicales altamente significativas para toda cutura o grupo social, pueblo, país, continente,etc.
 Y sin embargo, si mi persona no hubiera tenido el gusto por esos clásicos como Mozar y Wagner desde muy niñita... tal vez no hubiera podido apreciar Madredeus"

Madredeus - "Coisas Pequenas" Live

"Small things" lyrics:

Small things so
little things
so everything that I want to
and these words so
little things
saying that I want to love.

Love, love, love
s worth
if you want to confirm
a great love in
little thing
nothing greater than love.

And time
Would you lurking
s yours.
Of course, not be
s that left;
I waited all my life,

And time
Would you lurking
Certainly j hit
your door.
you waited all my life,

Madredeus & Flamish Radio Orchestra  - "Oxala" Live

"This is a beautifull song, and in facts "Oxalá" comes from "Insha'alah" wich means "God wish" but in common lenguage it means "In Hopes". Well I'll write the lyrics in 2 parts, is that ok?"

"Title: "May God wish" (Oxalá is a word from when we were invaded by the moors, a 1000 years ago (711 till 1249). The lyrics is about the wishes of a regular woman. "May God wish" + I have a good life, the people never forgets, no one leaves, all goes well, I do not everything in a hurry, my future happens, the time goes by normally, ..."

Oxalá, the headache leaves me, I hope
Oxalá, the step won't vanish me away;
Oxalá, a Carnival may come, let's hope,
Oxalá, the people never forgot;
Oxalá, I won't walk without care,
Oxalá, I won't get desagree;
Oxalá, I won't do everything too fast,
Oxalá my Future may happens.

Oxalá, that the life runs me well, I hope.
Oxalá, that your life goes the same.
Oxalá, a Carnival happens, I hope,
Oxalá, the people never forget;
Oxalá, the time goes by, hour to hour,
Oxalá, that nobody goes away,
Let's hope, the Carnival approaches,
Let's hope, everything but not evil happens 

Madredeus - Theme "Alfama" Live (1995)

Music from the movie Lisbon Story (Win Wenders 1995). Madredeus is the most international Portuguese Group. They play traditional music from this wonderfull European country. The beautiful voice is from Teresa Salgueiro.

This music is a fantastic composed a set of instruments of Classical to guitar, keyboard to synthesizer, cello, accordion & voice that beyond good conceived and performed  with magnificent a high performance for excellent musicians of optimum level that if it can hear to the of world music;  for some reason this band called "Madredeus"  has sold over 3 million albums worldwide. 

"Sorry for intruding, but his name actually is Wim (from Wilhelm) Wenders. He made a lot of excellent movies, like "Paris, Texas" or "Der amerikanische Freund" or "Falsche Bewegung". But Lisbon Story is very special because of the beautiful city and Madredeus' brilliant music. It turned me, being Dutch, into a lover of Portugal, its music, culture and people. Thank you pmrbrito, for posting this one!" netherworldman

  ** 10 **

I can not understand why this song remains closed in the "trunk" of the rp, from the beginning. It's a penance?