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Roger Waters - It's a Miracle, Live

"Art Is Resistance"

Roger Waters I by ~NashKolhoz
©2007-2010 ~NashKolhoz

Roger Waters concert
May 18th, 2007
West Palm Beach, Florida
3rd row

Roger Waters by JMaloney
Joey Maloney

Copyright All rights reserved

Roger Waters, Sinead O'Connor and Levon Helm - "Mother" Live in Berlin

The Wall Live in Berlin Concert
Performing Mother with Sinead O'Connor at the Wall concert in Berlin...

"Sinéad O' Connor congregates all the predicates and parchments that a singer can have, including your strong personality. For everything and because i like of hearing and appreciate your work, Tankyou Ms. Sinéad Marie Bernadette O' Connor. God Bless You! - ** 9 **

Two great talent together!"


I love her voice but the SNL skit of the Sinatra Group keeps popping in my head,
Question 2: What's with the Bald chick?
Her best duet might just be with The The - Kingdom of Rain
Nothing added to the original. I prefer it
No. Some songs should not be covered. Some songs are more than just the music and vocals. Some songs are simply untouchable, and to cover them is a terrible, terrible thing. This track is a terrible, terrible thing.
What a brilliant combination. 10! Yeah! :heartkiss: :notworthy: :clap:
Well, I don't like it more than the original, but this is pretty cool. I think. . . :stupid:
The chorus is interesting, when they sing together. The instrumental part is really the same, but the parts when Sinead sings alone are terribly annoying.
I'm flabbergasted. Never would have thought of this pairing. Not sure what to make of it. '
Something is missing. The passion/intensity or whatever of the original just isn't there. The mainstay's of Floyd - Waters, Gilmour, Mason, Wright had a certain aura. No matter what turmoil was brewing. Syd Barret is another story in itself. The latter 3 floyd albums and the solo efferts are good, but you get the feeling something is missing. I don't think it is about money. David Gilmour gives millions to charity every year.
ooooh... please make Sinead go away!
i also enjoy the original more... this version is maybe a little ... boring ?
I'm sorry, but this doesn't come close to the original... interestingly enough, Sid always wanted to add a female to the mix.... I'm glad they didn't.
This makes a great addition to versions of this song including the original. Having a woman on here also gives a less alienated and forgiving cast to the original angst of what "mother" did
2 Roger songs in 2 days? Joy! More please.
not bad... not as good as the original.
The lyrics of this song are just crushing -- the way it shows that politics are just a thin veneer over our little-boy fears. But this performance is just so-so. Most of the power is gone musically.
I liked it until the chorus chimed in.
They are both ARTISTS that are not afriad acknowlege their feelings about many subjects. They will both go down in History as GREATS. The other "YES"-MEN/WOMEN of the industy will be working at a Chick-fil-A at the mall one day. These ARTISTS are what others should strive to be. Ed in Saint Louis :notworthy:
Originally Posted by Slakr007: Sinead's voice is just too annoying.
Really? I think she has one of the most beautiful voices of currently recording artists...
Hum, the chorus is really not on par with the original. A really average rendition of this great title.
Originally Posted by ZarSU: I didn't like this at first but it grows on you, still would rather listen to the "real" version.
I'm in complete agreement. :rolleyes:
I didn\'t like this at first but it grows on you, still would rather listen to the \"real\" version.
Originally Posted by mrtyler: Was anyone else confused to hear a female voice call out, "Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls?"? Were you more or less confused when you found out the female voice was Sinead O'Connor's?
Not suprised in the least :lol:
Yes, some parts perhaps do not work as well as others in this version but IMO the good (especially Sinead\'s vocals) outweighth the not as good. Overall, I like it.
Not bad, but the chorus just doesnt sound that good to me. I love the original too much. The guitar solo is right on, though
Was anyone else confused to hear a female voice call out, \"Mother do you think they\'ll try to break my balls?\"? Were you more or less confused when you found out the female voice was Sinead O\'Connor\'s?
Sinead\'s interpretation is wonderful, but it DOES lose something with the male vocals. Otherwise, a vg cover of a simply lovely song.
Nothing Compares 2 the original.
What a wonderful story MissJenn. Thanks for sharing it with us. I have a friend who has a piece of the actual Berlin wall. She showed it to me and it was rather overwhelming. I got the same kind of feeling as I did when I saw one of my professor\'s famous fossil finds from Africa back when I was in college. You just feel the need to whisper. Sinead\'s vocals are a very nice addition and I really enjoy this version of another classic Floyd song.
I heard Sinead and Roger do this version live, and I still remember being blown away by it all. Way cool. See, after the Berlin Wall came down, my friend and I decided to attend the Pink Floyd: The Wall concert (July 1990) at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz, not very far from the original wall. Wow - that was a very powerful powerful powerful experience for me. Being an outdoor venue, there was a fence separating the concert goers who had tickets and those who just had to stand far away and listen to what they could. Well, the crowd on the wrong side started chanting "Tear down the fence" repeatedly, and so they did just that. What an amazing sea of bodies that was! On stage, they had a huge version of the Berlin Wall - in styrofoam - and they demolished it towards the end of the concert. No one can forget a scene like that. (Well, I s'pose someone who saw the ACTUAL wall come down could...) The next day in the streets of Berlin, people were selling bits of this styrofoam wall, much like the vendors several blocks away selling real bits of the real rocks and cement making up the ex-Berlin Wall. As for what madman said below, the fact that Roger Waters invited Sinead to sing with him must carry some meaning. Doncha think? By the way: This song was followed on today's Playlist by "Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World" --- sweet.
Sinead has no business being near a classic song like this. Could have been worse I guess, but does not stand up to the original. Aint broke, don\'t try to fix it. :??:
Some people may disagree, but I love this version.