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Gipsy Kings — Hotel California
Album: Big Lebowski Soundtrack
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Total ratings: 308

Released: 1998
Length: 5:44
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Somehow this song sounds much better sung in Spanish.
Is this ironic? Like "It's actually ours you know."? 
Well, isn't this special.
Por el camino del desierto
El viento me despeina
Sube el aroma de colita
Luna, luna de nadie
Ella a lo lejos
Una luz centela
La idea de mi estar
Quedar por la noche
Alli estaba a la entrada
why las campanas a sonar
why me di con llamarme mismo
Que es puerta del cielo
Ella enciende una vela
En muestra del camino
Suenan voces en el corredor
why lo que indican diciend
Welcome to the Hotel California
I generally like Spanish music, but the Gipsy Kings seem somehow "not the real thing" to me, possibly incorrectly. This is a really nice cover, though.
Rolf Sanchez did a great cover for Beste Zangers on Dutch TV.
Sorta this, but mostly english lyrics.
That season of Beste Zangers was epic.
great version --> 8
Just. No. So done with this song. 
"Quit playin' that crap
You're out of the band"
Not for me. Just saw the Eagles do the album live in Vegas. Unreal....
Against my better judgement, this is for me. The tempo makes it.
Incredible movie - horrendous song
Not for me...

The tempo kills it.
 myersei wrote:

nobody f's with the Jesus!

Not even...SATIN?

 RockinBlueVoodoo wrote:
nobody f's with the Jesus!
 KamikazeRudy wrote:
No kidding...great version!


n4ku wrote:
For gosh sakes, Bill. Play this already! :rolleyes:
No kidding...great version!
For gosh sakes, Bill. Play this already! :roll: