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Aukai — Azure
Album: Apricity
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Length: 3:07
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Great stuff this… got to explore more!😎
Really elergant and beautiful.  Wonderful sounds.  What talent
Did I read that correctly?  The man enrolled in drama school for a more stable work situation?  
Reminds me of Jimmy Page and Zeppelin
 antonini.duje wrote:

Very good cover art. 

Maybe I shouldn't open my Pandora-brain in public but I see a lady in yellow behind the person.
(I'll probably delete this pretty soon! ☹)
Very good cover art. 
That's a captivating vibe, like Santaolalla's Babel soundtrack (Deportation/Iguazu)
Turn it up, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Easy "7" (not as good listening passively)
I have the first comment in 10 months? Mellow and relaxing music. good if you're in the mood  for it.