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MEMBA — School's Out
Album: Saga-II
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Total ratings: 426

Released: 2019
Length: 2:53
Plays (last 30 days): 7
On Soundcloud, MEMBA said:

The song is about childhood and the sense of wonder that everyone is born with.

It doesn’t matter your gender, race, social standing or place in the world, this natural curiosity is universal.

MEMBA hopes that the song and video help people remember their childhood and that that feeling is still inside you—even if it feels like a distant memory.

Sometimes it just gets buried by expectations and obligations. We truly believe you can’t ever lose it.
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Fresh beats baby. Nice
I guess the Wikipedia page got removed due to no information.  I'll just go with this one.
"The Memba are a people of Arunachal Pradesh. The Memba population is currently around four to five thousand. They mainly live in the districts of Shi Yomi, West Siang and Upper Siang. Some also in nearby Tibet."
Those people make good music!
Thought this was alt-J at first.  Good tune. A solid 7.
I think I hear the "Sufani 2" sample
YouTube Link
I hear a joyful exuberance in this
it bounces, soars and  frolics
I like it
 paloeguevo wrote:

The wikipedia info for this band has to be the best ever


And here is  the reference as of September 
27th 2022:  
MEMBA is a producing duo from New York. 
This is what they look like. That is the sum of 
our knowledge at this point.

The first, and only, thing I hear here is that dull, thudding synthesized bass noise. It's omnipresent, oozing out of grunting tinted-window SUV's, and I just can't abide it.  Where's the -10 button?
If this juves your groove, check out Land Of The Loops - Multi Family Garage Sale
Exactly what top end studio monitors were designed for...delish...
The wikipedia info for this band has to be the best ever
School will be out in my neck of the woods in a couple of weeks, can't wait! : )
That makes first for three in a row, on a roll!
Opens with a 7 from Napoli on the Gulf. Looking forward to hearing more from these folks from my old (not so) humble burg.