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Cult With No Name — Blind Dogs for the Guides
Album: Mediaburn
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Total ratings: 262

Released: 2019
Length: 3:39
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Lyrics (from Bandcamp -- Mediaburn)

You seize information and just pass it on
But your interpretation’s where you gone wrong
‘Cos everything’s lies except for this here song

Recheck all those sources, satisfied that you know
who all of them are, and what all of it shows
And all of it’s true, citations they tell you so

And who to trust and who to shake?
And who’s on the cusp, and who’s on the make? Blind dogs…

If you write it down, it don’t make you sane
If you tear it up? Blind dogs…

So don’t believe a word that you hear
It’s all for the birds…as the worms reappear
‘Cos everything’s fixed by that there overseer

And who to trust and who to scorn?
And who’s on the cusp, and who should we warn? Blind dogs…

If you tear it up, it don’t make you sane
If you write it down? Blind dogs…

Blind dogs.
I can see Tim Booth having written this.
great piece. 
Lyrics please mister Bill for a frenzy ?
Stunning lyrics!
A hint of the Pet Shop Boys in there?
I'm diggin this...
Goes very nicely with some Crown Royal on a Saturday afternoon .....
This has a multi layer atmosphere to it. Slightly trance like and slightly melodic and moody. Me likes!
I am really digging this... well played, Mr. Bill. 
Started at a 7, we'll see how it ages.
Where the cults have no names.
Not a bad song
'post-punk electronic balladeers'

 yeshetarchin wrote: