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2Cellos — Smells Like Teen Spirit
Album: 2Cellos
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Released: 2011
Length: 2:43
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Robert Gaspar does a very cool, jazzy version of this song.   
Adds nothing to the original but then again, the original did nothing for me either. 
About 20 years ago buskers in Central Park and elsewhere started playing Metal and Grunge using classical instrumentation. Those buskers, at least here in New York, were much better than this. 
I play cello. I respect Nirvana. And yet this is one of the things on RP that I absolutely loathe. 
I like cellos. I like Nirvana. I like Nirvana playing the cello (on their live album) -- but I just don't like this. {#Ask}
Didn't think anything could be worse than the original....I was SO wrong. PSD
Just not necessary....
As I heard this track I got some ideas for furthe pretty good cover-bands:

Driving Mrs Satan
Nouvelle Vague


On point, why the didn`t playing also the original versions?

ready for a elevator near you
They're really talented; I couldn't do this, but the novelty's worn off.
And their videos are solid cheese. Maybe runny cheese.
oh.. this is wrong
Mom music
ID rather than Nirvana.
 Stefen wrote:
Rock 'n Roll cellos.  Who would have ever thought it?

Just about anyone who played the cello-like me!
Along this same line, check out the Morgaua Quartet's version of ELP's Still . . . You Turn Me On.  They've carved out a whole niche for themselves giving the classical treatment to Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, Crimson, etc.



Rock 'n Roll cellos.  Who would have ever thought it?
Well done, but I will always prefer Apocalyptica over those two guys.
best version outside of the original, RIP Kurt.
 Karmala wrote:

Maybe - but also smells like a copycat of you must know who.

I keep hearing "Annie can you see me?"
Oh! ?
This is a bold move...
 DaidyBoy wrote:
Smells like a teens bedroom.  Instant PSD.

Maybe - but also smells like a copycat of you must know who.
smells awful 
Smells like a teens bedroom.  Instant PSD.