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Gren Bartley — Tall Wooden Walls
Album: Magnificent Creatures
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Total ratings: 399

Released: 2015
Length: 3:33
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Wouldn't say terrible, just dull and uninspiring.
 Koolio wrote:

Not compared to the everyday static we're surrounded by these days, it isn't.
Sounds a lot like Big Big Train to me.
 michaelc wrote:
Reminds my of Richard Shindell on Cry cry cry for some reason.

Likely because he sounds remarkably like Richard Shindell. Even the general style of the music is similar.
 BrokenArrow wrote:
Love the cover art

Yes, that's some nice watercolor work.
The tallest wooden wall in the world is in Falugruva (The copper mine in Falun Sweden).
Enjoyed the song. Not familiar with artist, went and looked up video. Checked out the video Gren Bartley — Tall Wooden Walls on youtube. Thank you once again RP for your fabulous flow.
Reminds my of Richard Shindell on Cry cry cry for some reason.
 BrokenArrow wrote:
Love the cover art

Ditto that.
                  Perfect Match Of Tu Sei
           When two lovers wants to be alone
            Finds a way that nobody is at home.

    And pizza boy goes on trial for not skipping
   The extra mayonnaise, and for being nobody.
           By the look of the crowded alley
           I say, you're a quite an incident..
Love the cover art
Wow, thought this was Richard Shindell. Good song.
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Unfamiliar with this artist.........like the strumming and violin.......voice a little Glen Hanspard........very nice Bill
nice...reminds me of indigo's syncopation w/ the harmonies.  new to me.  not sure about the fa-didlio part.  
First, that´s the first time I comment the first. Maybe it´s my lucky day. Maybe not, today it´s tuesday.

Nice song. 

Regards from BCN, Bill. Good job.