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Bla Pahinui — Maori Brown Eyes
Album: Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection, Vol. 2
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Released: 1999
Length: 3:42
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That was very nice.
In 1998 I was working at Old Dominion University. My office was part of the student union. I left the office one day to go get lunch and heard the most amazing music coming from downstairs. I thought it was some recording, but found out it was a live performance. I assumed at first it was just some busker, but it turned out to be Richard Gilewitz who was playing a concert at ODU later that evening.

I asked him if he had ever heard of Slack Key to which he educated me that Slack Key uses open G tuning - exactly what he was playing. I just sat there spellbound.

Fair winds and following seas Cyril!
very beautiful, Thank you!
Bla's dad, Gabby, was/is a musical giant here in the mid Pacific.
 Viktor_Dann wrote:
I wish someday to give some joy to the world as Bla Pahinui does;

very very good thought, thank you for that
Never heard this, or of this before. Wow. Amazing. Thank you for the info Bill & Rebecca! {#Biggrin}
I love slack key. This is outstanding.

I don't know who came up with slack key tunings, but they made the world a better place.
Wow! Nicely different, but most excellent!
 jocelynsart wrote:
very lovely actually

Indeed.  Simply Beautiful.
I wish someday to give some joy to the world as Bla Pahinui does;
very lovely actually
 Rockit wrote:

I'm waiting for the singing! 


Thatz'a shame

I'm waiting for the singing!