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Album: Coming Home
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Total ratings: 596

Released: 2002
Length: 5:38
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RP! xoxo
Quite nice Tibetan or Chinese music, but not to compare in musical or sound quality with the XRCD albums of Dadawa or her promoter and producer He Xun-Tian.
Wiki makes me laugh sometimes...for instance, it shows Yungchen was "Born:  1960s"
Still...this is a good atmosphere piece...I'm going with a 6 rating and maybe next time it'll fit my mood a bit better.  Long Live RP!!  And thanks BillG for letting me listen to something I wouldn't otherwise get to hear!
It is strange how music can influence the perception of time, this song seems alot longer than it actually is.
This music can only support the dialogue, "Did somebody order a pizza?"
started to get a little long, then she starts whispering....it's making me very tiredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 
This is not Rock and Roll, but I like it.
Wow, this is a powerful sleep inducer. Nice tune, but can't keep eyelids open.
Yungchen Lhamo is a Tibetan Singer, which is living in exile in New York.
Her name means "Goddess of Melody". {#Notworthy}
I wonder which synth is capable to make this beautiful pad. Synclavier?
Interestingly Japanese very sexy got to lIke it... Domo Arigato!!
Sounds like Lee Ritenour on guitar
wow, what a beautiful musician. looked into other works, stunning

I adore Yungchen Lhamo, and especially this album {#Daisy}
Beautiful ... may have to off and explore the rest of this CD. 
fredriley wrote:
Is the language Mandarin?
very pretty song
kaosmonkey wrote:
is she whispering "sleep with me" in the background?
Sounds like "superfreak" to me. Where's that goddamn earwax remover gone? Curious wee number. Very Zen, very contemplative, though the lyrics are probably banal. It's the sort of thing you really have to be in the mood for, but when you are it's a 10. A mere 5 for the mo, though. Is the language Mandarin?
For some reason Harrison Ford and a futuristic background comes to mind
Thanks for playing this again!! 7 :arrow: 8
kaosmonkey wrote:
is she whispering "sleep with me" in the background?
I think she is, I'm buying it!
...i knew it!..yungchen lhamo has such an instantly-recognisable voice...
is she whispering "sleep with me" in the background?
I love this girl...another artist that RP has turned me onto that I never would have found.....thanks RP!
I like the ambience --- Cafe del Mar meets something a little more exotic. I'll open with a 6.
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