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Margot & the Nuclear So & So's — Vampires in Blue Dresses
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exciter76 wrote:
Ditto! Wake up Bill and change the programming -- PLEASE!
sigs song
The Format clone?
raelic wrote:
Hootie and the Blowfish with added Blow.
Teehee. I don't know if you can get more blow than that? Blow Monkeys? Blow up Hollywood?
nick_valensi wrote:
Indie, from Indy, Indiana.
Awright! Land of my birth! I like this group. :yes: :dance:
"Birds flying high, you know how I feel..."
Indie, from Indy, Indiana.
Hootie and the Blowfish with added Blow.
mmm...upbeat, fun - causes me to bop around. yah!
My first upload to be heard on Radio Paradise! This band caught my attention by repeatedly staying near the top of the monthly best seller list at our local record shop (up against major label competition). I've been listening ever since. I finally got to see them play live a few times last month and they are great performers. I stayed after and talked to the band awhile and it's rumored (at least within the band) that I have the only existing copy of the originaly printing of this album that is signed by the whole band. They just signed with Artemis records (Warren Zevon, Steve Earle) and will be re-recording in the spring. For more info go to: (click here) I love the band's description of their music...any Wes Anderson reference is OK by me... Wes Anderson said that when he made 'The Royal Tenenbaums', he was trying to re-create a New York that never really existed, or only existed in his memory. For much of the so and so's debut, "The Dust of Retreat", the musicians attempted to re-create their own unreal ideas of how Greenwich Village might have been in the 60's. When Richard was 16, he and a few friends rode to New York in the back of a pickup truck to play a show at Manhatten's Luna Lounge, and images from his trip still work their way into many of his lyrics.
the_om wrote:
Yes, people from Indianapolis. And our moms.
Like the song. Do you know the band?
tony620d wrote:
indie pop. LOL!!! - does anyone even like indie pop?
Yes, people from Indianapolis. And our moms.
Cool sound!
indie pop. LOL!!! - does anyone even like indie pop?