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Peter Mayer — Molly O'Malley's
Album: Straw House Down
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Total ratings: 14

Released: 1995
Length: 4:27
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I disagree. I love Peter Mayer's songs in general and like this one in particular. Both musically and for the story told by it. I like to contemplate the idea that in a live musical performance, even the audience adds to the music. Also, is life one song that goes on and on...? I do find that I need to turn my volume up to hear this song clearly though and if you can't hear the story, the song would be unimpressive.
So much good Celtic music out there. This is mediocre at best.
mig7 wrote:
This Mc Sucks!
Can I get fries with that?
mig7 wrote:
This Mc Sucks!
O' I've heard McWorse!
mig7 wrote:
This Mc Sucks!
i was so hoping i could disagree, but then the vocals hit, and now i'm afraid i can't.
This Mc Sucks!