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Air — How Does It Make You Feel? (Adrian Sherwood Version)
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I believe that is either Fred or Whisper voice from Apple. Yeah, spooked me out - I thought my laptop was saying it was "too hot" :-)
Whoa! I didn't know Steven Hawking could sing!
CaptTofu wrote:
Wow! I didn't know the Cookie Monster was in a band!
Yeah, and it sounds like ol' Cookie has had a bad night on the town or has developed a bad chain-smoking habit.
slightly disturbing
i'm not sure what to rate this. i don't know what to make of it. it kinda freaks me out.
Noooooooooooooooo! :stop:
how does this make me feel... :ask: vaguely ill....mostly bored
Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! The computer voice sounds like that circa 1980 computer game GORF. https://www.klov.com/G/Gorf.html :drunk:
This sounds like the soundtrack to a Monkey Island game.
The computer voice sounds like the same one used by the folks who created the excellent All Your Base Are Belong To Us video parody a few years back.
Well, this is lame....
ughh.....horrible mix, original is a great song
Hey, that wispering voice sounds exactly the same as one of the voices, available for the Apple computers (or is it the same?). In fact, I turned down the volume of iTunes to make sure it wasn't that voice, wispering through the song for some reason :lol:
CaptTofu wrote:
Wow! I didn't know the Cookie Monster was in a band!
oh ..this is the adrian sherwood version... I was thinkin It was one of those other versions for a minute.
i'm a big fan of Air, but c'mon guys - hasnt that whole computerized voice thing been a little bit overdone at this point? everyone from Marilyn Manson to Radiohead to countless rappers have already used and abused that idea. otherwise a cool song.
this kinda makes me feel ho-hum.... ...and glad I don't smoke...
:-s 8O 8-< That's how it makes me feel. I kinda like feeling that way. And then again... :yawn: :ask: Lemme get back to you, ok?
Wow! I didn't know the Cookie Monster was in a band!