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Diana Krall — Peel Me a Grape
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ever see Laverne & Shirley....remember Squiggy....how he used to bit the palm of his hand when anything sensual was mentioned? this song does that to me
Reminds me of the noodling that Joni Mitchell was doing in the 80's. Except that Joni was never this good.
The song itself doesn\'t do much for me but Diana has a wonderful voice.
These lyrics disgust me, and the music isn\'t much better.
You know, I really like this album, and I really like this artist for her talents, but I can\'t help but want to think of it as image conscious jazz. Maybe that reflects my ignorance about this artist, but how much of her exposure is predicated on her appearance? I don\'t really know why that bother me when I have all of Britney Spears Album-covers, but maybe its just that its good jazz that I notice it.
For ONCE, I actually knew about this obscure song before I heard Bill playing it on RP! I actually found this one on my own. Well, Bluebird told me about Diana Krall, and subsequently, I found this song. I loved it as soon as I heard it. It quickly made it into a cd compilation I made entitled \"Wineaux\" - it was played and enjoyed duyring a tour of some local wineries.
Definitely a Most Excellent rating, very close to her best,and that\'s very very good. :D :cool:
Effortless cool and sexy. She is great, one of my favorites. Great music for a quiet dinner at home with the one you love......... ;)
Thanks Bill! I love Diana and love that you can put her into your playlist! :clap:
Yep.....this is one of mine and warrents a 9. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)