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Jesse Winchester — Sweet Little Shoe
Album: Gentleman Of Leisure
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Total ratings: 326

Released: 1999
Length: 4:07
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You're a swell shing-a-linger
You can bop and birdland, too
You're a swell shing-a-linger
You can rock and sock and birdland, too
Well you look just like your mama
But you sure swing a sweet little shoe

They can bop until Sunday
And they'll never bop like you
They can bop a month of Sundays
And they'll never bop a bit like you
Well you talk just like your daddy
But you do swing a sweet little shoe

So hey, let's do that shuffle thing
That we worked out together
Come on girl and fan my flame
Shake a tail feather
Ladies in the neighborhood are
Talking about a scandal
All this funky folderol is
Just too hot to handle now

I got some brand new school shoes
And they are killing my feet
I got some shiny, new school shoes
And man, these things are murder on my feet
They might look nice in Sunday school
But they're no good for dancing in the street
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I like this tune, not sure if the "shake your tail feather" line existed before this song or not, though it seems to be a fairly common phrase now....

I'm at an 8 now and might stay there....Long Live RP!!
Soooo boring
Thanks PSD definitely better than what I left
On this date it was noticed that Bill has played, I think, four of Jesse's song over last day or two.

Shout "THANK YOU".
Very smooth and twangy.
RIP to Jesse - much appreciation for this song and his whole career.
RIP to a gentle, melodic soul.
Nice bottom end on this one.