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Posted by jeter - Jul 31, 2003 - 6:50am
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This is just a little bit south of Augusta, Georgia...

President Barack Obama announced $8.3 billion in loan guarantees on Tuesday to build the first U.S. nuclear power plant in nearly three decades in a move designed to help advance climate legislation in Congress.

and, of course—

ATLANTA - Georgia Power still plans to increase rates next year to finance two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle despite billions of dollars in federal loan guarantees announced Tuesday by the Obama administration.

It is interesting to note that this will be close to Fort Gordon, and not far from the Savannah River Site, which is where all the big nuclear bombs are made for the USA...  the new nuclear power plants will be built with the one in existence already, Plant Vogtle, which is in Burke County...  as of 2000, the population of Burke County was 22,243—  all inbred...
Study Highlights Hidden Dangers In Everyday Products — Even The "Green" Ones
by Amy Westervelt
March 8, 2012

A first-of-its-kind, peer-reviewed study published in Environmental Health Perspectives today reveals an alarming number of unlabeled chemicals of concern in commonly used household and personal care products. The study was funded by Silent Spring Institute, which had 213 consumer products (in 50 categories) independently tested by Battelle Labs in Ohio for 66 specific chemicals associated with either endocrine disruption or asthma.

The study included both conventional products, such as Windex original glass cleaner and Irish Spring deodorant soap, as well as “alternative” products marketed as containing safer ingredients than their conventional counterparts, such as Seventh Generation Free and Clear natural glass and surface cleaner and Tom’s of Maine natural moisturizing body bar. Lab tests detected 55 chemicals of concern–including parabens, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), antimicrobials, cyclosiloxanes, glycol ethers, and fragrances–in the conventional product samples tested and also found 41 concerning chemical compounds in all but 11 alternative products. Very few of these chemicals were included on product labels...

NRC Vogtle Reactor Approval Should Blow Lid Off Nuclear Finance Scam
by Gregg Levine
February 10, 2012
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Thursday vote to approve the combined construction and operating license application (COLA) for Southern Company's Plant Vogtle cleared the way for adding two AP1000 nuclear reactors to the two existing units near Augusta, Georgia, but it should also shine a light on the elaborate shell game that masquerades as nuclear-powered electrical generation.

Coming almost exactly two years after the Obama administration granted the project $8.33 billion in federal loan guarantees, the NRC's OK for the project did not signal a groundbreaking at Vogtle. Thanks to a redefinition of what constitutes construction, drafted under a former NRC commissioner who now works for the nuclear industry, Southern started building on the site long before the AP1000 reactor design was finally approved by the NRC last December. And foundations were poured into the Georgia earth before environmental impact surveys were even required to be filed. So, Thursday's move did not actually start construction, but it did start the roulette wheel turning on a massive financial gamble where Southern Company is pretty much assured of winning, and US taxpayers and Georgia utility customers are guaranteed to lose.

How much those Americans who don't happen to own a power company will lose is an issue of some question—a question that the Department of Energy and Southern Company is making very hard to answer...