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Posted by Manbird - Sep 1, 2015 - 1:45pm

Hi, Hobos.

it's your friendly neighborhood beggar-boy here again to ask for help.
I have to have heart surgery on the 17th of this month in
Sacramento which is a really long drive for us. I need to make about
5 or 6 trips for pre op heart mapping, the surgery, getting picked up
then follow ups. We don't have money for food, let alone money
for petrol. So if enough people chipped in a few bucks, we might
be able to do this.

My condition isn't life threatening but it makes me extremely ill
with vomiting shaking headaches and the worse part is not being
able to breath. It's reallllllllly scary when I can't breath. I can barely
walk up the stairs right now. It's exactly how my dad was before
he died of heart disease so I really want to get my ticker fixed.

I can offer in return graphic design services, commercial music production,
I have a few Manbird Experiment CDs left, I have a series of beautiful 
gicleé 16 x 20 prints from a a series called Battery 1938. I can
send a signed print or two. They are worth $200 unframed There aren't
many left as I only produced ten of each image.

Anyway, I know people have been complaining about me complaining
but sometimes you just have to sacrifice your dignity and self-respect
in order to stay alive.
My paypal account is diebold@designsonoma.com and I don't think
there is a minimum so if you just have a buck, hey, it all helps and
luckily gas is cheap right now. Also there a button somewhere you can
check that says its for friends or family and PP won't take a big chunk
out for themselves.

Thanks so much if you help and thanks even if you can't but would
if you could and pfffft if you hate me - but that's OK too.

(heart shape)

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Posted: Sep 1, 2015 - 2:07pm

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