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PGR ride   

Posted by LennytheB - Feb 2, 2015 - 2:21pm
Went on a most poignant PGR ride on Saturday.  A little 10 year old girl, with an untreatable form of cancer, had been sent home to Hospice care. The first item on her bucket list, since she knew she'd never go to here own prom, was to attend a prom.  There's a company that provided a "Purple Prom" for her...a dance hall, limo service to get there, paparazzi on her arrival and all her friends and school mates.  Another item on her bucket list, since she loved motorcycles, was to get up close and personal with a motorcycle.  The PGR was contacted and needless to say, we responded.  The ride captain was expecting a contingent of about 20 bikes due to the cool weather.  Both he and Alyssa were very much surprised when over 80 bikes and 100 riders showed up to escort her to her prom. If I knew how to import an image to a journal entry, I'd provide a picture of Ally. Needless to say, the tears were flowing copiously.
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Posted: Feb 12, 2015 - 2:01pm

Always good to read about people doing what's important, thanks {#Clap}
What Day Is This?
helenofjoy Avatar

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Posted: Feb 3, 2015 - 5:58pm

So glad you are back in the saddle!  This is the best news this year! Next to my daughter being pregnant! {#Good-vibes}

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Posted: Feb 3, 2015 - 8:45am

thanks!   {#Good-vibes}

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Posted: Feb 2, 2015 - 8:16pm

I get around
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Posted: Feb 2, 2015 - 5:54pm

We're all riders on this train
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Posted: Feb 2, 2015 - 4:52pm

{#Clap}   {#Good-vibes}
Shine On.
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Posted: Feb 2, 2015 - 2:57pm

{#Good-vibes}Great job!