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Posted by PoundPuppy - Aug 4, 2014 - 7:31am

Angie Nott was my first girlfriend. We were young and in love. Horrible for each other, but so in love. 
Angie died in a car wreck on Aug. 4, 1987 in Victoria Texas.  

8 years later I was in love again with Peg Laughlin. I call her my 1st wife but in truth we were in the process of planning our ceremony.
Peg was hit and killed  by a drunk driver on Aug. 5th 1995 in Corpus Christi Texas

On Aug 10, 2012 my wife walked out. 

Come on  Sept
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What Day Is This?
helenofjoy Avatar

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Posted: Aug 8, 2014 - 7:26am

Wow.  I bet you the coming of August!  My heart goes out to you.  Loss of love is the hardest.  {#Hug}

katzendogs Avatar

Location: Pasadena ,Texas

Posted: Aug 5, 2014 - 8:22pm

Yep. sucks. *hugs*
I'm Working On It
Shesdifferent Avatar

Location: Just visiting this planet

Posted: Aug 5, 2014 - 5:40pm

WOW......I feel for ya.
i need a bogle for my glotch.
lily34 Avatar

Location: GTFO

Posted: Aug 5, 2014 - 6:00am

i have that issue with october, and even so, i love october. but usually, it's not such a great month for me to make life changing decisions. so, i have to stop doing that during october.

Shine On.
Coaxial Avatar

Location: 543 miles west of Paradis,1491 miles east of Paradise

Posted: Aug 4, 2014 - 8:46pm

We're all riders on this train
ScottN Avatar

Location: Half inch above the K/T boundary

Posted: Aug 4, 2014 - 4:21pm


BlueHeronDruid Avatar

Location: planting flowers

Posted: Aug 4, 2014 - 3:00pm

And in spite of all the heartbreak, you're here. With us. And doing great.
Angular banjoes sound good to me.
Steely_D Avatar

Location: Biscayne Bay

Posted: Aug 4, 2014 - 3:00pm


Antigone Avatar

Location: A house, in a Virginian Valley

Posted: Aug 4, 2014 - 2:49pm