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Al Petteway — Sundog
Album: Caledon Wood
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Total ratings: 384

Released: 1997
Length: 5:15
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I hear the Michael Hedges tunes in the documentary about Naomi Umhara. He was a Japanese explorer (and national hero) with whom I had the honor of hanging out with in Minnesota. Two great men gone.
One of the first songs I've not heard before that I gave an 8 right out of the gate.
This sounds a little like Keith Jarrett.  Shame we don't hear him on here...
Nice to hear this one in the 'main-mix' every now and then, like today, and how well it flows into the Buckley version of "Hallelujah"; gonna do a +1 to 8 while also going +1 to 4 on the number of comments for "Sundog".

Long Live RP and the tracks with few comments!!
 Edweirdo wrote:
Reminds me a  bit of Dave Grusin.

Yip, some Dave Grusin in there.
Reminds me a  bit of Dave Grusin.
I like it - it's beautiful but kinda weird; it's good for listening in the background, yet you can focus on it and analyze it indefinitely.

That's what good music is in my book!