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Eliza Gilkyson — Beautiful World
Album: Beautiful World
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Total ratings: 70

Released: 2008
Length: 6:17
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beautiful world circling infinitely
fragment of sun marbled in blue
turning in time and tuned like a symphony
beautiful stars beautiful view
beautiful world intricate web of design
shadow and light playing out on the land
billions of years come down to a point in time
setting the stage for the folly of man
pitiful man
beautiful world beautiful world beautiful world
beautiful trees breathing the air alive
beautiful leaves trembling and dry
beautiful bees moving from flower to hive
beautiful seas mirroring sky
beautiful sky
beautiful world beautiful world beautiful world
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 RebDov wrote:
The World is beautiful.  This song is pretentious.


MrsTom wrote (In reference to Peter Gabriel - Rhythm of the Heat):  Pretentiousness of the highest level. Sounds a bit crap too 


Michael_Dean wrote:  Oh glad, I found you, an Expert of Pretentiousness. 

Would it not be handy to have a quick reference chart, seeing that we have so many citations of pretentiousness here in the comments section.  Please arrange the following in order of pretentiousness.  If you will do this work, I promise to post the chart every time I see an offense registered.  We can call it the MrsTom Pretentiousness Gradient, MTPG for short.  Not to be confused with Empty Peter Gabriel, of course, THAT'S a whole other chapter, let's just handle these one at a time and in order.  (Was that too Pretentious?).  ah... wait... we were talking about something...... THE LIST ! ! ! I  I'll have it made like a mountain range, with a snow-white pillow for my big fat head, And my heaven will be a big heaven, And I will walk through the front door.  Big time. (I love me!) (Now, I think that WAS pretentious).

Pretentiousness of the Highest Level
Indubitably Pretentious
Certainly Pretentiousness
Moderately Pretentiousness
Twinkie Defense Pretentiousness
Barely Pretentious
Criminally Pretentious
Chewbacca Defense Pretentious
Almost Pretentiousness
MTPG Pretentious

Oh glad, I found you, an Expert of a bit crap too.....


 Michael_Dean wrote:

The MrsTom Pretentiousness Gradient - M.T.P.G. (Not to be confused with Empty Peter Gabriel, of course).


10.)  MTPG Pretentious - Pretentiousness that precedes all other Pretentiousness, the Pretentiousness from which all Pretentiousness is borne. Big Bang MTPG some have named it - BBMTPG.

09.)  Pretentiousness of the Highest Level - The inflationary epoch occurred at approximately  10−36 seconds after the Big Bang.  Following the inflationary period, The Pretentiousness continues to expand, but at a less rapid rate.  This is why some "Good" music actually can exist.

08.)  Criminally Pretentious - deliberate, willful, malicious, spiteful, wicked, cruel or violent Pretentiousness.

07.)  Certainly Pretentiousness - deliberate, but not violent Pretentiousness.

06.)  Indubitably Pretentious - Pretentiousness Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, you will do the Time for this one.

05.)  Twinkie Defense Pretentiousness - Pretentiousness attributed to insanity AND is defensible in a Court of Law.  These offenses are often "Settled Out of Court".

04.)  Moderately Pretentiousness - A level of Pretentiousness that is still defensible, but does not oblige insanity.

03.)  Barely Pretentious - This is Pretentiousness that just made it over the line.

02.)  Almost Pretentiousness - This is Pretentiousness so feeble that it doesn't really count.

01.)  Anomalous Pretentiousness  - Sometimes it's there, sometimes not.  Physicists are baffled, naming it  a non-zero vacuum energy Pretentiousness.  In the special case of vacuum energy, general relativity stipulates that the gravitational field is proportional to ρ+3p (where ρ is the mass-energy density, and p is the Pretentiousness).

00.)  Chewbacca Defense Pretentious - Red Herring Pretentiousness, not actually pretentiousness at all, 'tis a strategy, should not be listed here. 

Sounds like Nico without the talent.
Is it over yet? Is it over yet? Is it over yet?
Makes me want to cry in my sleep...

Forest267 wrote:
makes me sleepy...

ick, make it stop.
makes me sleepy...
 RebDov wrote:
The World is beautiful.  This song is pretentious.
Where is the pretense? One might observe that the song is repetitious, or redundant, or one might choose to term it uninteresting, etc., but pretentious, moi? Choose your words more carefully to obtain the desired effect.
The World is beautiful.  This song is pretentious.
yea !! liza
Anyone catch the name of the song?

Beautiful song!
This is a 5.3?  Whoa, folks, you are harsh!  SO not a 1 fer krissakes!

Had to stop what I was doing to see who this was....

Very nice!
Great. Beautiful, in fact. Smile
She just keeps saying the same thing...She just keeps saying the same thing...She just keeps saying the same thing...

I love her older stuff though....
Never heard of her, pretty good!