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Be careful where you lie down, boy
In this bed of roses
Promises of petals, then
You wake up on the other end

Love is such a monster, kid
And power is addictive
Sweet fire and beauty'll turn this city flat
And could you really handle that

I thought I was through with living once
But, lord, the way she lies there breathing
In the deepest hour of the night
Unraveled, opened full and all undone by

And last night we capped the cavern, dear
We said the word and we're goin' down
Honey you pulled out the big blue
And you kissed it all through

Christ, how this life
From mud to miracle
Is just the prettiest little burden
Isn't it, El?
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Time to bust this puppy out and play it. :nodhead:
Love this artist/song! I'm glad to see it added to the main channel. Hope to hear it soon.