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Beginning to feel like this tune is almost my own PSD stop. {#Arrowd}
Which is all right by me.  Definitely an eclectic piece.

For some reason my rating doesn't register on this page, but does show up in the playlist at the top.
Nor do the other 22 ratings noted earlier. 
The PSD button brought me to this song last played in 2004.
Still pretty good (7) to me, one of the 22 who have rated this tune.
I think they should call this one "Song by Everyone."
Hmmmm. Not quite a Song For Everyone...... don't particularly like the Kenny G thing...... :sleep:
a little bit of the Kenny G Muzak thing going on, but balanced by the exotic-to-me beats underneath.
the_Jake likes this one..... It isn't by John Fogarty as the above ad suggests, is it? The correct album is in place now... :)
very nice
This song is a real mood lifter for me--glad to see it made it to the main channel!