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David Arkenstone — Safe Passage
Album: Citizen of the World
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Total ratings: 62

Released: 1999
Length: 4:42
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Is this the new theme music for the 70,000th season of Survivor?
beelzebubba wrote:
But this is ok, too.
I take that back. The "obligatory" and over-used "international-world-hand-holding" chanting ruined it for me.
Happy, uplifting music! :)
Damn, I thought this was going to be Larks Tongue and Aspic...... But this is ok, too.
Gotta love it.
Awesome new wave track.
Thanx, Bill :sleep:
Suddendly, I'm in the middle of a Disney animated movie...
y'all are crazy
Hey everyone, Jamacian Nursery Rap! Seriously, anyone else hear the school boy tune "Frere Jacques" in this? It's none too subtle.
Mixture emotions.. I like the background beat..reminds me of the Family and the Fishnet by Peter Gabriel.. but I don't dig certain portions of the flute riff..it sounds like a bad TV show...hummm
:yawn: :sleep:
There was a 20 second bit about a third of the way through that tried hard to redeem this track. It was unsuccessful.
heh, heh, he's a hobbit nerd
i'm reminded of a show i saw about an experimental theater group, where they had to listen to the music and just move or do what they felt.... i feel nothing. what kind of music leaves you feeling empty? (discuss....) (emoticon intentionally omitted due to lack of emotion....)
This one is a hard call. I like the song, much as I love to listen to Mike Oldfield and such. This just isn't the kind of music I turned on RP for tonight. Of course, tonight there's been a LOT of stuff along these lines, so I haven't been enjoying it as much as usual.
it's the CIRRRRRRRRRRRRcle...the CIRcle of LIIIIIIIIIIffffe. BOOM!
i admit it...i like this :-$
Wow - that was beautiful.