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Ellis Paul — The Ballad Of Chris McCandless
Album: The Speed Of Trees
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Length: 4:54
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Originally Posted by lily34: i like the title of the cd.
:lol: Nothing else, lily?
So weird! I am re-reading Into the Wild for the millionth time right now. Not sure how I feel about the song, but the book should be checked out.
I\'m an unapologetic technophile, but I think McCandless had a pretty good handle on the way things are. His response was definitely not one I would take -- tempting Darwin is rarely a good idea -- but you\'ve got to respect his resolve.
I enjoyed the Ellis Paul song! For those interested, a duo called Harrod and Funck has also written a song based on the story of Chris McCandless called \"Walk into the Wild\". I highly, highly recommend it.
Couldn\'t agree more with Bills comments - While I enjoy the trappings of this \"civilized\"** life I can\'t help but wonder how long we can keep going like this. Do we really need all of this material suff to keep us happy. In the end is happiness based on the relationships we forge in life or with our new SUV? I think the Native Americans understood how to live. Is it too late to go back? \"Civilization is the art of doing natural things in an unnatural way\" - Heard that on a Errol Flynn movie.
i like the title of the cd.