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Jimmy Page & Robert Plant — Nobody's Fault But Mine
Album: No Quarter
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Total ratings: 51

Released: 1994
Length: 3:59
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REALLY, I wish they would have let this one alone. :beat:
whatever dude. it sounds alright to be honest, but why turn awesome rock song into ok rootsy song. it was perfectly happy being an awesome rock song. this idea done right is taj mahal and james cotton doing \"honkey tonk women\" whats this smiley guy supposed to be? i mean.... :wave:
Hey, I\'ve been a big fan of the whole \'unplugged\' thing since before EC made it cool, but this really blows without the full sound behind it. :frustrated:
Odd, others are referring to blues roots here, but to my ear the roots are older and further afield(always was a honky eccentric). I hear early music here, mummers with hurdy gurdies and rebecs and the like and a maybe a touch of North Africa. But then I don\'t really know the blues much past Mississippi John Hurt(\"Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor\") :clap: :bounce: :clap:
Originally Posted by KevDog: Well, at least he's accepting the blame. That's big of him.
:lol: :lol:
I can understand and appreciate blues roots in rock and roll, but this song isn't the same without the kick-in-the-cujones sound. :rolleyes:
:) Just had to stop and make a comment. Was thinking to myself how this sounded like an earlier version by somebody else then smiled cause I realized I recognized the voice. If anyone should remake your song why not do it yourself. Besides he always had great blues roots. It was a pleasure to hear it.
Man, I really miss Michael Lee. I love Plant\'s new drummer but Lee may be my favorite living drummer right now (with the exception of Ginger Baker). Lee\'s work on the No Quarter album is very... VERY impressive. I enjoyed seeing him even more live. This is a terrific version of this song. I think I like this better than the original.
Well, at least he\'s accepting the blame. That\'s big of him.
I\'m torn between thinking this is a fine, very different rendition, and between hating the crap out of it. I generally liked the No Quarter material, but -- on first listen -- this didn\'t do it for me. The plaintive wailing of the original gives it power this didn\'t have. Yet. Maybe.
I think i object, in principle, to the notion of covering your own song. But this is at least a drastic and interesting reinterpretation, so that invalidates most of my argument.
Nice acoustic rendition of this Zep song with out John Bonham and John Paul Jones.
can\'t believe i missed this!!!! :mad:
nice rendition.