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Bob Seger — Shinin Brightly
Album: Against The Wind
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Released: 1980
Length: 4:19
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Well, it's shinin' brightly
It's lookin' pretty right
From the early morning
Till real real late at night
It's lookin'pretty good today
The dark clouds are rollin' away
Oh and it's shinin' brightly
And I think it's gonna be okay

Well, it's startin' to feet good again
You and me
Startin'to feel real good lady
Just the way it used to be
Futures lookin' good at last
Rough times are all in the post
Oh and it's shinin' brightly
And I think it's gonna last
I think it's gonna last
Oh yeah

Well, it's shinin' brightly
I don't think there's too much doubt
This time baby
I think we got it all worked out
Lookin' pretty good today
The dark clouds are rollin' away
And it's shinin' brightly
I think we're on our way
Its a nice change
Feeling pretty good at last
Rough times are all in the post
Oh, and its shinin' brightly
I think its gonna last
Oh, it's gonna be okay
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I keep on hearing him wanting to break into Nightmoves.  That song type cast him like the role of gilligan to Bob Denver, jerry mathers to the beaver, etc
I never really appreciated Seger until I reached my current age. It was like I could not appreciate his lyrics and the wisdom they imparted. At 18, I just didn't understand. 
His songs might seem simplistic to some here, but they speak to me now in so many ways.  It took hearing Against The Wind at a particular trying time in my life for me to really hear it.  
I compare Seger's songs to "Night Moves" and they all come up short.  Not saying they suck, but that one song sets a high, high bar.
Memories of the summer of 1980
Bob always deserves more credit than he gets.
Wow. First time I've heard of Seger here on RP. I see many tracks on the queue, so it's just a coincidence that this one (if I remember correctly) is my initiation. He was always a solid if simple 1 - 2 rock and roller. The lineup is missing one great one: American Storm.
Even if some of the songs did not warrant many repeat hearings, his incredible voice made it compelling. 
Time and place for sure.

Not my favorite band, but what a great album.

Went to see Seger at the NYC Academy of Music, with RUSH as the opening act.

RUSH blew the Silver Bullet Band away...Seger was boring, RUSH was incredible (and I like RUSH less than I like Seger)

His "Back In '72" album was real good
released in 1973, JJ Cale was on it
Love this - what an oldie but a goodie
So much really good early Seger. U.M.C. is clever social commentary and 2+2=? is a potent anti-war song. I would much rather hear those than a generic love song.
Not my favorite Seger track, but one thing is certain. This dude could sing! He's one of the best rock n roll singers. Up there with early Rod Stewart in my book.
And appreciate it
Funny, even though I was bombarded by his music in the late 70's 80's when I was a teen and 20 something, It took me til I was 50 to really understand his music.
something so real about Bob Seger. 
not plastic like a lot of popular performers can be
especially nowadays 
like Bruno Mars