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Location: Derby, KS
Member since: Mar 22, 2004
Bathroom preference: Women's
Birthday: Feb 11, 1950
Song Ratings: ?
Jethro Tull — Bouree

Another seamless segue by Bill!
Ray LaMontagne — You Can Bring Me Flowers

Love this--so mellow!
Eels — Souljacker

Scary! Just watch the news.
The Bangles — A Hazy Shade of Winter

Simon and Garfunkel...redo.

Jury's out on this one. Maybe it will grow on me.
The Doors — People Are Strange

Just getting over the flu....I can dig it!
Depeche Mode — Precious

Now you're playing my music, RP. Thanks, Bill!
Noir Désir — Le Vent Nous Portera

The wind carries us? Anybody remember this from their high school French?
!!! — Myth Takes

This music is designed to wake me up from the afternoon sleepies?
Beck — Tropicalia

Aimee Mann & Michael Penn — Reason to Believe

I discovered this song at RP--love it.
Kíla — The Hour Before the Dawn

Very interesting set--almost classical contemporary.
Gordon Lightfoot — The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

Knowing this is a true story, the song gives me chills.
Mark Knopfler — Sailing to Philadelphia

stuntmandan wrote:
"the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald" would be a nice follow up song, lol

Yes it did--good call!

Mark Knopfler — Sailing to Philadelphia

mojoman wrote:
Just an FYI: A Geordie is a person from the east side of England. They have impenetrable accents and are generally considered rubes.

Actually Northeast England I think, up by Durham. Yes--their accent is very hard to understand.

The Doors — Spanish Caravan

Great segue--I didn't even know we had switched songs
Paco De Lucia — Concierto de Aranjuez

Beautiful and haunting.
Autamata — Postscript

boring and repetitive--Yep, I agree--irritating.
Soft Hearted Scientists — Diving Bell

ronniegirl wrote:

At first I thought it WAS early Pink Floyd. I like it too.

I was just thinking the same thing. :)

Snow Patrol — Shut Your Eyes

Love Snow Patrol--love this song--thanks RP!
Björk — New World

This sounds like the theme from a 1940's movie...but I don't think Bjork was around then?
Eva Cassidy — Ain't No Sunshine

Wow....love Eva Cassidy..she brings her own interpretation to her covers.
Toni Price — Comes Love

Who wrote this? Cole Porter?
Fleming & John — Delusions of Grandeur

I usually only stop working to come make a comment if it's a song I really like.......but in this case....

That song is whiny and repetative, IMHO.

I see I gave it a "Sucko-barfo" on a previous listen.
Widespread Panic — Hope In A Hopeless World

Nice job by Widespread Panic, although I like the original version by Phil Roy better. Do you have that one Bill? Jrzy Tmata turned me on to Phil--he is fabulous!
George Winston — Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Nobody would ever accuse Bill of playing the same-ole, same-ole......quite an interesting set.

And I love George Winston.
The Beatles — Revolution 1

E_A_D_G wrote:
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

The slow version blows. Revolution by its very nature is meant to be performed and played at '11'.

I agree--this drags.

Pete Yorn — For Us

At first I thought this was David Bowie.
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris — Right Now

Is this their newest CD, or is there an even more recent one?
Richard Buckner — On Traveling

Oooooo....haven't heard Richard Buckner for a long time.
Ray LaMontagne — You Can Bring Me Flowers

very mellow
Eddie from Ohio — Number Six Driver

Eddie From Ohio! I was very excited to see them live at the Salina Art Show last year because I've been a big fan for years. Great to hear them this afternoon on RP.
Paul Brady — The World Is What You Make It

I'm dancing!
Led Zeppelin — Bron-y-aur Stomp

I've only heard Carbon Leaf do this at a concert--it really gets the room rockin'--and clapping.
Lucinda Williams — Can't Let Go

shakitten wrote:
Only LW song that I like. Just can't get into her.

She's not my favorite either--but this is great.

Patty Griffin — Goodbye

Had to stop working and come comment on this song--Wow! Patty does it again.
Gil Scott-Heron — The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Darkmatter wrote:
Time has proven this song wrong, the revolution will be televised for sure. Or maybe posted on Youtube.

I agree with that! Everything is televised--especially if it is violent. The peaceful revolution is what is not being televised--the teachers, counselors, etc. working behind the scenes to make life better for all.

Michael Franti & Spearhead — Time to Go Home

Very powerful song--Wow.
Vienna Teng — Between

Vienna Teng came to my state...but I was in Ohio that weekend....Boo Hiss.

I would have loved to see her in person.
Suzanne Vega — Blood Makes Noise

Never hear this song before--I like it.
Yes — Roundabout

Haven't heard this for awhile--takes me way back.

Great trip down memory lane with this set, Bill--thanks!
The Kinks — Sunny Afternoon

Yep--it's summer here--getting ready to storm.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — Berlin

Black Rebel Motorcycle club opened for the Rolling Stones in Wichita last year. The whole show was just amazing.
Big Head Todd & The Monsters — Broken Hearted Savior

Ever since I saw Carbon Leaf open for Big Head Todd and the Monsters in Lincoln, NE I've been a big fan.
Barenaked Ladies — If I Had a Million Dollars

This song is just wierd--maybe it needs to grow on me?
Carbon Leaf — Life Less Ordinary

Last day of school--clean up day--and Carbon Leaf on RP--what could be better?
Jimi Hendrix — Pali Gap

Very interesting, tight set, Bill. You have an uncanny knack for judging the "feel" of songs and stringing them together.
Mark Knopfler — Coyote

Does this song make you feel like you're riding on a back of a horse through the desert?
Jethro Tull — Nothing Is Easy

Three bars into it, I know this song--and love it.

Thanks Bill!!!!
Poe — Hey Pretty (Spoken Version)

Just listened to the lyrics--Whew--HOT!
Guadalcanal Diary — Trail of Tears

SaintAwesome wrote:
This is what happens when Jethro Tull and Rem have a baby.

I was thinking that this group (I must have missed this decade musically) reminded me alot of Tull.

The Eagles — Hotel California (live acoustic)

Oceang1rlNY wrote:
This is the best rendition of Hotel California I've ever heard....I wish they would omit the vocals though.

I must say, I was enjoying it more before the vocals started--love the music--sounds so "California Spanish"

The Eagles — Hotel California (live acoustic)

A new take on an old favorite--acoustic at its best.
John Butler Trio — Zebra

civey wrote:
Oh man.. WXPN in Philly played this all the time a couple years ago and I couldn't get the rhythm out of my head.. it became annoying.. I hope it doesnt happen again... not a good thing.

Uh-oh I think this coudl be happening to me. :)

Sonia Dada — Ain't Life for the Living

Misterfixit wrote:

Mixed too high ...

What does that mean? "Mixed too high"?

K-Os — Crabbuckit

Oh yeah--I'm dancing now.
Rufus Wainwright — Sanssouci

Rufus Wainwright's voice always strikes me as SO DULL!!!!!! I can hardly stand to listen to him.
Sonia Dada — Ain't Life for the Living

Great toe-tapping gospel!
Stewart Copeland — Koteja (Oh Bolilla)

What an awesome groove--I'm dancing!
Gomez — In Our Gun

This has been a pretty funky set to say the least--but isn't that why we love RP?
Steeleye Span — Cam Ye O'er Frae France

Now this is good world music!
Göksel — Ayrilik Gunu

I like most World Music....but NOT THIS!

And some of my uploads were rejected?????????
Jethro Tull — Reasons For Waiting

Love Jetro Tull! This is beautiful--I think some of the early Tull is still the best.
Maurice Ravel — Bolero

H-m-m-m A little Sunday Afternoon Delight?
Talking Heads — Girlfriend Is Better (live)

My brother-in-law LOVES the Talking Heads. I'm coming around.
James McMurtry — Walk Between the Raindrops

A lot of people need to hear the message in this song. :)
The Stone Roses — I Am The Resurrection

British Invasion revival?
Yello — The Rhythm Divine

So, if this is Shirley Bassey, why does the artist say "Yello"?

I absolutely agree it sounds like Shirley Bassey? Editorial mistake?
Neil Finn — Turn and Run

Love this song! It was a "stop what you're doing and go see who that artist is and what is the name of the song" moment! I see I previously gave it a 9.
Red Hot Chili Peppers — Stadium Arcadium

Nice. One person's "over this band" is another person's discovery,
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — Weight of the World

This is my request! Thanks Bill! I just saw the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club open for The Rolling Stones in Wichita.

The lead singer is gorgeous--HOT HOT HOT!
Ane Brun — Balloon Ranger

I just won this CD--one of my online contests--and one of my better recent wins.
Counting Crows — A Murder Of One

This was by far their best album!
Entrain — Dancin' in the Light (live)

I missed Entrain when they came to the Smoky Hill Festival a few years back. I just didn't know how good they are. Love the energy!
Gooding — Elysium

Gooding shows up in Wichita from time to time. they always pull a good crowd at events.
Traffic — You Can All Join In

Sounds like a "Concert Audience Participation" song.
Rufus Wainwright — Hallelujah

samiyam wrote:

Although Buckley wrote it... Rufus has a better voice and I like this version better.

I completely disagree. Jeff Buckley's version is so much better--IMHO.

I just don't like Rufus Wainwright. Every time I hear one of his songs I dislike it immediately--even if I don't know he is one singing it. When I first heard this, I thought, "This can't be Jeff Buckley--sounds like a very amateur version of this song. Oh--Rufus....'nuff said."

Tears for Fears — Mad World

RBS76 wrote:

Yes, the Gary Jules version is much better. At least in my humble opinion... does liking the remake better than the original officially make me a bad person? EVIL!

WOW--I completely agree. The Gary Jules version is much more powerful--scary actually. This original version sounds so overproduced compared to it.

Son Volt — Afterglow 61

Was this song on one of the Paste Samplers?
Paul Simon — Another Galaxy

Paul contines to ROCK!
Widespread Panic — The Take Out

I just won a CD--"Earth to America"--by these guys from the Obsessed With Music website.

Very cool. :)

I see Bill doesn't have anything from this CD in the library yet. I'll have to upload something.
Counting Crows — Anna Begins

MrsAustin wrote:
This is one of a couple of albums that kept me sane and safe during my stint as a long-haul truckdriver. It will always take me to a safe place, especially the song "Omaha".

I agree--it's right up there with my all time favorite CD's, like Paul Simon's "Graceland"--another great traveling-down-the-road CD.

Sophie Zelmani — Once

Sorry--I think this song is gorgeous. I give it a 9.
Jethro Tull — To Cry You a Song

I love Jethro Tull, but this doesn't do much for me--too repetitive!
Counting Crows — Omaha

I think this is my favorite Counting Crows song.
Muse — Endlessly

This song was added to the RP library about the time I joined-- 2 1/2 yrs ago. I like it better now than I did then.
Vienna Teng — The Tower

Love Vienna Teng--love this song!
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris — Rollin' On

I may have to look into buying this CD.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer — Still...You Turn Me On

These guys have been around for a long time.
Neil Finn — Turn and Run

coloradojohn wrote:

Well-said; Neil's the real deal for sure. Voice from Heaven, and a soul insightful enough to match...

Yep--love his music.

Paul Simon — The Sound of Silence

Love this song--but it's even better with Garfunkel.
Bruce Cockburn — Creation Dream

physicsgenius wrote:


Isn't that usually the definition of bland pap music? I mean, you took your mother?

My son and I have gone to Carbon Leaf concerts together--I introduced them to him. Now we are both big fans.

Louise Goffin — Instant Photo

Nice bluesy sound--unique.
Sting — The Book Of My Life (Feat. Anoushka Shankar)

That was a beautiful--and unique--Sting song. Plus I like how it immediately followed Eva Cassidy's cover of Fields of Gold.

Thanks Bill! You are a master of putting sets together.
Eva Cassidy — Fields of Gold

One of my all time favorite songs! Eva makes this song her own.
The Wailin' Jennys — Starlight

Beautiful--I knew this was the Wailin' Jennys when it first started.
Jethro Tull — Mother Goose

It's 60's/70's stuff. I think you really had to be there. This music youthens me by 35 yrs. Your body gets older, but your soul remains the same.

TheJestress wrote:
my dad is so convinced this is wonderful stuff. im not so convinced. is it because my dad listens to it? or is it because he's mildly delusional?

i lurve you dad

Jethro Tull — Mother Goose

LOVE Jethro Tull! Rediscovering this old band was the beginning of my musical renaissance which led me to RP.
Loreena McKennitt — Night Ride Across The Caucasus (live)

Beautiful, mellow song.
Rusted Root — Ecstasy

This is getting the blood pumping.
Jimi Hendrix — Highway Chile

It was definitely an interesting time. It's still the music that gets my blood pumping.

Actually I appreciate Hendrix much more now than I did then. My taste had to grow up.

exciter76 wrote:
man...I wish I was 20 y.o. during the 60/70's.....

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