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Gavin Coetzee — Cinderella
Album: Orange Forest
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Total ratings: 418

Released: 2011
Length: 3:43
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9 for me, too
Forests here are orange from autumn leaf colors.  Forests in California are orange from flames.

Sorry (again) about that BillG.  
 msymmes wrote:

Sure sounds good on a wonderful autumn evening!
Really enjoying that guitar work!
As another RPer pointed out, you can go to https://www.gavincoetzee.com/ and listen to all the songs from this album and another one for free...
The more I hear of Gavin here on RP, the more I like......
..ahh, trying the ol' "orange/forest" rhyme..have some of That with yer porridge..

..also: an easy 7.. 
I'm liking this, and compelled to chair-dance..
Feel good fun. Nothing wrong with that.
This Is outstanding, love the interplay of vocal/guitar, nice finger picking and solid song overall     {#Dancingbanana_2}